Google Bombing and Google Bowling

In the past, some would be clients have confused what we do with both of these terms.  So I thought that today I would go over each of them and explain what they mean.

Google Bombing

The term “Google Bombing” and “Google Washing” refers to using a variety of different linking practices in order to influence the overall rank of a page or site for a specific term or phrase.  In essence, it’s the core of most SEO campaigns.  However, in the case of Google Bowling, it’s mostly used in order to link a site with a term or phrase that it would not ordinarily be linked to.

A good example of this would be the case of the 2006 Google Bomb that resulted in the search term “miserable failure” returning the official biography of George W. Bush as the top result.

Google Bowling

Though often confused with Google Bombing, Google bowling actually refers to a black hat SEO method, where a company is often hired to bring a site down in the rankings.  For example, Company B ranks number two for a specific term, so they hire BlackHat SEO Cat to do the dirty work in order to bring Company A, Company B’s competitor, down in the rankings.  BlackHat SEO Cat is happy to oblige, so they launch a negative linking campaign.  Creating inbound links to their site from malicious software sites, porn sites, hate sites, and negative blogs and forums.  Ultimately associating the site badly and impacting the site’s ranking.  Dropping them lower in the search results and bringing Company B to the top.  This blackhat SEO method is highly unethical and is also less effective today due to changes in the algorithms instituted by Google in order to combat this type of SEO campaign.

Web Reputation Management

So what is the difference between these two methods and the services we provide to our reputation management clients?

Simply put, our goal is to provide our clients with ethical SEO methods in order to give them control of the search results.   We will never use these, or any other blackhat SEO techniques that might jeapordize our efforts.  What we do is what Google and the other search engines have told everyone to do all along.  We create good content for our clients that rank well.  We then optimize that content to stay well ranked.  Creating a solid inbound linking structure, giving the pages authoritative status.  In the end, our goal is to give you control of the front page of the search results for the term you desire.  Your name, company name, or whatever keyword or phrase is giving you a difficult time.

If you need help cleaning up the search engine results pages we are just a phone call away.  Give us a call today at 800-818-6286 for a free reputation management consultation.  We can help.  In just a few short weeks you can see positive results in the search engine result pages.  It all starts with a phone call, so make the decision to make a change today.

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