Web Reputation Management (WRM)

What does a reputation management campaign cost?

Every campaign is different, so it's absolutely impossible to offer a "once price fit's all." That being said, we work with both big and small companies. So to give you a ballpark figure, the average reputation management or repair campaign runs between $2,000 and $100,000 depending on the size and the complexity of the issue, as well as the ongoing length and the manpower required to get the job done.
Update 2014-03-01
Currently Web Reputation Management WRM does not run new Digital Marketing campaigns (SEO/ORM) under $10,000 per month. If you are searching for a smaller campaign please contact us and we would be happy to recommend experts that will meet your needs.

Search Engine Reputation Management & Repair

Our Web Reputation Management Services Can:

  • Simply remove some of the offending content, sometimes immediately
  • Build positive websites for you or your company
  • Move potentially harmful & negative information off the first page of search results
  • Move positive sites into higher positions
  • Create positive public relations (PR)
  • Reduce negative sentiment about you and your brand / company
  • Build negative content into positive, lead production sources
  • Teach you to maintain your positive reputation online
  • Teach your staff to become social experts, resulting in more positive exposure
  • Identify problem areas within your company in order to avoid further issues in similar areas
  • Monitor your name and your brand for any future negative strikes
  • Help reputation management become a part of your company's culture
  • Teach you and your team how to obtain positive reviews and how to get them posted online
  • Bring customer service back as a whole, resulting in a better bottom line
  • Teach you to identify problem clients and problem areas within your business
  • Teach you the difference between reacting to a reputation management problem and resolving one
  • Help you build an army of positive review builders, right under your own roof
  • Identify problem employees or products causing a loss in revenue
  • Identify areas where problems can be converted into sales opportunities
  • Bring the overall percentage of complaints down by following a few simple instructions
  • Once again enable potential clients to find positive content and suggestions about you, your products, and your company
  • Put a smile on your face and an increase in your bottom line


Reputation Management and how it has changed

It's hard to believe that we built this site just five short years ago, but I can tell you that during that time, reputation management has evolved into a completely different animal than it once was. Though we had been in the search engine optimization game since the mid 1990's, reputation management was a fairly new field. So much so that there were probably only four or five companies offering the service online. Now, there are literally thousands, all offering the same basic services that we were way back when the need for the service first came about. For most companies out there, it's still all about displacement of the negative content, using outdated and outright blacklisted methods. Coming down to a few companies even being charged for illegal approaches to the problem. More likely than not, it's out of sheer desperation and lack of knowledge that drives them to these types of methods.

Really neither here nor there. Because Google and the rest of the search engine gang are more than happy to help us learn how their search algorithms work if we are willing to study hard enough and willing to listen. Which is why, after these five years in the reputation management business, WRM (that's us) is growing faster and stronger than ever. Because we have taken what we have learned and put it to good use for our clients.

At this point I get to brag a little, because we've done well enough not only to bring in clients, but to bring in BIG clients. Heavy Hitters, Fortune 500 companies, companies that are household words. Companies you know and trust. Who also happen to trust us to handle their online reputation management campaigns. Several of them for years. So if you're ready to find some relief from issues you or your company are having online, you are in the right place. All you have to do is fill out the contact form at the top of the page, or call our toll free number, and one of our reputation management experts will take a look at your problem and then develop a plan to fix it. And fix it fast!

Your information is kept completely confidential, and you are under no obligation. Let us show you how we can help, and how you can be breathing easier in a few short weeks.

Things We Can Do For You

We can help restore the reputation, dignity, and trust factor for you, your business, or your organization. By removing bad press and publicity from the eyes of Internet users, we can help you gain more support, increase your client base, and boost the credibility of your actions.

By monitoring your online reputation, we can keep you up to date on any new information that is published about you, both the good and bad. As new content is made available, we can work instantly to either promote it or to bury it within the search engines.

Web Reputation Facts

  • 1. Consumers trust reviews and remarks made online, especially negative comments.
  • 2. Consumers will propagate (spread) negative comments read online even if they have never used your product or service.
  • 3. Negative comments posted by competitors and ex employees are at an all time high.
  • 4. 90% of consumers will conduct a search engine check for negative information before doing business with you or your company.